TRAC advises:

Health and Safety – Rules for Participants

It is your responsibility to ensure that when joining a TRAC event that you:

  1. a) understand what the event entails
  2. b) are fit and capable of completing the activity
  3. c) do not knowingly present a risk to yourself or others
  4. d) have suitable equipment for the event e.g. Good walking boots; waterproof clothing; thermals; food; water – to ensure your safety and enjoyment of the event.
  5. e) must wear an approved cycle helmet for any rides led by the group. This is a compulsory condition of attending the event
  6. f) take full responsibility for the actions and safety of any children or persons under the age of 18 years in your care;
  7. g) understand that if a lift is accepted from another member, this is done on a friendly basis and TRAC cannot accept responsibility the road worthiness of vehicles or the competence of drivers
  8. h) have read, understood and agree to abide by these rules for participants


The event leader has the right to refuse anyone not complying with the above from participating in that event.